Thursday, March 13, 2008

Show and Tell

Show and Tell at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery was a fun and idea filled night with fellow Toronto artists and crafters.

Thank you to Susan Rowe Harrison for putting this idea together and to Day Milman, and Jen Anisef of Toronto Craft alert for hosting it.

Here I am...
with my wedge smittens.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is it....Miko Mass Production....well not really as I only have 2 hands.
Octo would be really helpful right now.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Walter, Brie, Miko, and Mantari are in the Wedgeshop! We posted some 360 degree shots of them and one day when we get really fancy we'll turn them into animated 3D VIRTUAL WEDGES. It'll be like they're from the future, or at least, some 80s version of the future where everything involved 3D goggles. Memories!

Also, taking pictures is hard! Or was hard, at least, until we made THE MOST AWESOME LIGHTBOX EVER. Lightboxes are things you shove stuff inside of to take pictures in a controlled glare-free-ish environment.

  1. Procure things! A cardboard box, big enough to put your photographables in with some leftover space. A piece of bristol board, white. Tracing paper or some translucent white sheet/paper/etc. A few lamps or light sources. Tape.
  2. Cut holes in the front, left and right sides, and top of the box. Make them squarish. Leave two inches or so along the edges so your box retains it's boxy strength.
  3. Cover all of the holes you just cut with tracing paper, or cut pieces of thin white sheets. Tape them down.
  4. Cut the bristol board to be the inner width of your box. Place it inside the lightbox so that it covers the back, uncut side of the box and curves down along the bottom of the box. The idea is to eliminate any corners/possibilities of shadows along the bottom of the inside of your lightbox.
  5. Shine your lamps through your tracing paper/sheet windows from the top/bottom/sides as necessary.
  6. Take pictures of stuff, glare free!
So the next time someone with a fancy camera with 7 lenses and a panorama SLR gigapixel floodlight condensertron gets all camera-snobby, show them your cardboard box! It really worked out fantastically for us.

Miko mass-production is next! And when we say mass-production, we're referring to the hand-made, filled-with-love kind.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Walter talks magnets

Magnets are awesome.

Walter wants you to know that he has them in his guitar and gets very excited about how they convert sound to electricity, and how there are very strong ones in computer parts if you smash them apart and look very hard, and how you can make a magnet by wrapping a wire around a nail, and a bunch of other things that seem to be very exciting to him.

You can buy Wedges magnets in the wedges Etsy shop! They're just like the pins except you can't accidentally stab yourself with them. And they're not wimpy can't-stick-the-phone-bill-to-the-fridge magnets either. There was rigorous quality assurance testing involved (we stuck the phone bill to the fridge).