Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog Carnival: Be My Valentine

Love is in the air in Wedgeland, seeing as Valentine's Day is coming up soon and all.
So what mating rituals do Wedges follow? How does a wedge choose its valentine?

Here we have Walter, a Wedge person, he likes to eat cereal, make music, and build things.

This is Brie, another wedge person. She likes to shop, paint circles on everything, frogs, and forts!

Some would say they are polar opposites, especially since Walter is very, very, tall, and Brie is very, very petite!

So how did Walter and Brie become sweethearts?
Was it her keen sense of style? Her no nonsense intellect?
Or was it his sense of humor and crooked smile?

Lets interview Walter:
Me - Walter, when you first saw Brie, what made you look her way?
Walter - I liked her red colour.
Me - What did you think of her?
Walter - Pretty...
Me - Is that it?
Walter - Pretty...
Me - mmm...ok...why did you ask her out?
Walter - she smells like diverse gene pool...
Me - What did you do last Valentine's Day?
Walter - Took her to a park and gave her some cherries...

Lets interview Brie:
Me - Brie, what was your first take on Walter?
Brie - I thought he was very tall and very thin, other than that, I didn't think much about him.
Me - So how did you two start dating then?
Brie - he asked me out, and I said why not.
Me - So did things pick up from there?
Brie - I got lots of free dinners...oh and some cherries...
Me - What took it to the next level?
Brie - sparklies.
Me - You doing anything special this Valentine's Day?
Brie - Oh, we're going adventuring.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Etsy Bloggers February Feature: Donna Pool

Donna Pool's Etsy Shop has a lot to offer. From cards, to buttons, mirrors, photos and handmade plush toys. As a plush toy maker, I have to really admire her toys, completely handmade (no sewing machine used!!!)

Cuddly teddy bears!!! Great for Valentine's Day!

...and how about some brain working puzzle balls!!!I am amazed at these! Nicely intricate, beautifully handsewn!

Want to get to know this crafty artist??? Check out her blog: