Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why spend money on a loved one? Buy a Wedge instead.

I want to start by saying that in typing my subject heading I was reminded of a guy who told me that he wasn’t that into his girl and that he planned to dump her before Vday so that he wouldn’t have to give her anything… Hmmm actually come to think of it maybe he did give her something after all.

Valentines Day. I think my best valentine was my mom who would sneak little cinnamon hearts into my lunch as a kid. The fiery red that burned at my throat and stained my tongue was like a warm hug.

Now because I don’t have a particularly bad V-day to write about, which kind of feels like a lost pastime, or a particularly amazing one… I will tell the tale of two wedges in LOOOVE. The added o’s are meant to indicate the icky-ness level.

As you maybe know Rochero owns both gwen and beck. One morning she went to Gwen’s cage in hopes of getting her out and BLAMO she was gone!!! Rochero went to becks cage…she peeled back the blanket to reveal two very guilty looking wedges. 35 days later and BABIES!!!!! I guess this is maybe about love cause Gwen loved the whole ordeal enough to pull the same stunt 1 year later.

‘Love is blind,’ and it’s a good thing too.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let’s get romanitcal.

So it is almost February…which I am deeming the month of love. After which you can go back to resenting your significant other, or to being extremely alone and cynical. Anyway this blog is going to have a theme…can you guess it… if you thought ‘superior intelligence’ and ‘witty charming goodness’ you were right by default but no. Anyway I am going to throw a wrench in the system by saying that Feb 14 is no longer Valentines day…and because of the “witty charming goodness’ bit you buy it.

So it’s what Jan 29… and I say bring on the love!

First on the theme of Looooove you can go here and read the blog called ‘First kisses- swap some spit’ OMG!!! Did I just name drop myself…indeed I did.


The thing on everyone’s mind I’m sure…is what wedge would make the best mate. And by mate I mean other half…significant other…etc. etc. What I don’t mean is the verb form of mate… everyone knows that wedges don’t have reproductive organs –cringe. ANYWAY I digress. Okay best mate award, for me, would have to go to Octo who can both hold your hand and hold the door at the same time.

Come back for more love. We’ll be here all month. [note: the ‘we’ is 50% me and 50% my ‘LOVE’ at the end of the month I am the part of the 50% that isn’t going anywhere…}

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Roll Call - Featuring Rose Works Jewelry

So this month’s featured blogger is Rose Works Jewelry. Her shop features an array of bejeweled goodness. And despite what I initially thought, no snakes were actually harmed in the making of the snake tail bracelet.
Be sure to check out her other store and blog:

Now it is time for making promises and commitments that I am already scheming ways of backing out of. Like in terms of goals for the blog… I will try to post more regularly (actually that one I mean…for real), maybe add some more eye bling like pictures, and videos, and my beautiful hand crafted goodness…yay adobe. Maybe take the wedges on the streets to the ppl and document it for the blog, or finally make my short film which I can’t tell you about but which includes some indecent exposure, wedges, an old suitcase, and random strangers…could be my big break.

And now for your pleasure, the worst joke on the internet:

Q: What do you get when you cross Star Wars and road construction?
A: R2Detour

Thursday, January 8, 2009


it is time for what I like to call ‘ANIMAL of THE WEEK’. Actually I don’t much like calling it that. Seriously typing it out was like torture.

Okay so this weeks’ featured animal is the hedgehog. Or, in Wedgeland, the wedgehog. By the way just because this segment is called animal of the week doesn’t mean that I will necessarily commit to the idea. This may just be animal of the hour. A scientific fling as it were, with the topic of one animal in particular on one particular day. Who knows I might never blog about another darn animal again.

Animal of the Week: African Pygmy Hedgehog

Common name: hedgehog

Pronunciation in Wedgelish: Wej-hog

Translation/Origin of the Name:
HEDGE: because in cartoons and children’s books that is where they hang out.
WEDGE: because of their shape,
HOG: when translated means one who uses too much of something. Both wedge and hedgehogs alike have been known to use excessive amounts of cuteness in order to get their way. Sneaky buggers!

A) Wheeling- In the great plains of Africa and perhaps in parts of England bucket wheels grow in the wild. Hedge and wedgehogs use these exotic plants for daily exercise, which explains why the domesticated hedge or wedgehog is so keen on running on these things.

B) Food. Mealworms, crickets, turkey, chicken, veggies, baby food, high quality cat foods, 3 course gourmet meals – these are all things native to the hedge and wedgehog and so they must be included in the diet of a domesticated hedge/wedgehog too.
C) The Moon- Hedgehogs are nocturnal for the simple fact that they are also Pagans. They worship the moon as their god.

Dislikes: The cold- therefore domesticated hedge/wedgehogs hate Canada for ¾ of the year . Then again so do most Canadians. They like their homes to be at least 72 degrees which for you Americans is a fairly big number in Fahrenheit.

Myths: that they can collect coins and defeat evil doer mad scientist doctor types. Also if they are in a ball and rolling down a hill etc. it is probably because they tripped. This is not how they get around.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Octo and Squido Spotted!!!

Normally it is Miko and Mantari getting in to mischief...but Octo and Squido have been spotted at a Designer Trunk Show on the Danforth, who knew they were into fashion!!!

Checkout ou the article online at SNAP Beaches Magazine:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival: New Years Resolutions

So I wanted to help by giving you all a list of new years resolutions but then I figured that for a girl who can’t even take the energy to come up with one resolution coming up with a list would just be a whole lot of effort. So I did the next best thing and googled new years resolutions and didn’t I come up with the top ten. Besides it is so much better to break someone elses resolution than it is to break your own. So here we go:

1. Spend More Time with Family (Yes this includes your Wedges Family members too!)
Unless of course you already spend too much time with family. Like if your mom still folds your laundry and your dad cuts your sandwiches into triangles for you, then perhaps your should resolve to spend less time with family and I don’t care if your 5!

2. Fit in Fitness (Stay tuned for future Wedges workout video!)
Or just start calling the every day things that you do fitness. Like instead of getting food from the fridge, you are now going on a walk that just coincidentally ends at the fridge and with you stuffing your face with twinkies and a sandwich that your dad cut into triangles for you.

3. Tame the Bulge
Not really sure why this is separate from the fitness one unless this one involves like a cape and whip maybe. Like my stomach rolls use to be ferocious now they are only passive aggressive. I don’t get it.

4. Quit Smoking
If you don’t smoke, start, then next year you can resolve to stop.

5. Enjoy Life More
Or have less expectations for what enjoyment is. Like say enjoyment is now about getting a parking ticket because your car went 5 minutes over the meter which might have had something to do with the man in line in front of you at the supermarket who apparently hadn’t been told that debit cards and dollar bills have been invented and insisted on paying for his purchases with pennies and nickels. Now look how happy you are to find that you owe the city another 30 dollars. Yay!

6. Quit Drinking
Remember there is no point in quitting drinking if you don’t make a good go of doing it in the first place. Binge for a while, then quit. People will be much more impressed that way.

7. Get Out of Debt (So you can adopt more wedges!)
Rob a bank. Be sure to wear one of the black outfits that your mom has pressed and folded for you. Next year resolve not to steal.

8. Learn Something New
OR find a new way of looking at something old that you already knew.

9. Help Others
Especially if helping others will benefit you. Don’t be a sucker about it. And doing something out of the goodness of your heart is just a way to make the rest of us feel bad.

10. Get Organized
Or at least become really skilled and defending your disorganization.