Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Are Wedges @ FANEXPO!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of Fan Expo 2009! This is a big year for Expo as they celebrate their 15th anniversary. You can check the official website for full details, but as a quick overview, here's some of the guests they've lined up for this year:
  • Mary McDonnell (are you counting down the days 'til The Plan?)
  • Bruce Campbell (this is his boom stick!)
  • Linda Hamilton (T-1000 slayer)
  • Avery Brooks (I really need to watch DS9 again, in chronological order)
  • Leonard Nimoy (was in some other scifi series, or something)

Plus piles of other guests. A huge gaming tournament. Costumes galore. And a giant retail floor, where we'll be! Come look for us at booth A63 in the Small Press / Artist Alley. We'll have all the Wedges available for sale, as well as a few Fan Expo exclusives: giant Octo and and Squido plushes. They're really, really big, and you can't get them in any store!